There is no question, finishing a full or half ironman is tough. 

It’s a human endurance race that will break you, bite you, spit you and make you bend over.  You get fucked with the elements of racing in 3 multisports all while pushing against the clock. 

In a half ironman you have 8 hours to complete a 1.2-mile swim, followed by a 56-mile bike ride, and end with a half marathon.  For a full ironman, you start with a 2.4-mile swim, followed by 112-miles bike, and end with a full marathon to be completed in under 17 hours.

In my last race, the Miami half ironman, 30% did not finish due the hazardous water conditions post Hurricane Irma.  We were 2300 athletes at the start and 750 did not cross the finish in downtown Miami.  

Miami, you made me strong.  I had to harden the fuck up with each stroke I made and for that I thank you, for now I truly know how strong of a swimmer I am.  I was 6th coming out of this swim in my age group with tears coming down as I run into Transition (T1).  Those were tears of JOY.

Yes, it is a grueling race and I just signed up for 2 ironman races for next year (2018).   The Tennessee half in May and my 2nd FULL Ironman in epic Lake Placid.

For a half no doubt that you will feel pain.. but let me tell you, for a full ironman you will fucking suffer.  Suffering in this race is not optional.  Those that finish are those that never give up.  Those that commit to pushing forward no matter what.

Someone recently asked me, if its is so grueling, why put yourself through all that suffering?   

My answer has always been:  I enjoy pushing my limits to the edge.  There is no bigger sense of accomplishment than overcoming the suffering when you cross the finish line. You feel like your flying.  Like if you have wings.

For this reason, I find the courage to sign up for another full.  To find freedom, peace, connection, present, release, and a pure bliss of surrender. 

If you have ever wondered if you can.  The answer is always YES.  DO IT!  DON’T BE A FUCKING PUSSY!  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  FUCK YOUR EXCUSES.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Regain your power back.  One Life.



Esther Collinetti