Your comfort zone holds all your fears, insecurities, failures and judgment. 

You learned real fast in life that if you stay in your comfort zone you will avoid feeling embarrassed, humiliated, and inadequate.  To further protect yourself you start to create an imaginary wall to avoid exposing your vulnerabilities.  

Unfortunately the more we hide within our walls, the more we protect our ego, giving us a false sense of what we are capable of achieving.  We start to limit our growth.

To all you motherfuckers protecting your egos behind your comfort zone, I want you to know, you are not alone!

We all do this with different aspects of our lives such as with our jobs, relationships, and signing up for races.  

Example for Race:  You don’t upgrade to a longer distance race because you are scared that you are not strong enough or that you will be the slowest racer and everybody will see your results.  

Example for Relationships:  You stay married in a relationship for fear of disappointing your family as nobody in your family has ever divorced.

Example for Career:  You stay in your current job that you like but does not set your soul on fire and dream for years to start your own business but fear holds you back as you think your are not good enough to start your own business. 

My comfort zone held me back for many years from reaching my fullest potential.   The three examples above where areas in my life that I had to find the courage to step into the unknown to become unlimited.   I had to slap that pussy and start breaking down the walls of my comfort zone! 

Your first step is to acknowledge that you have built these imaginary walls to protect your ego.  These walls are stopping you from living the life you love and they cap your unlimited potential.  They are hindering your growth from becoming the best version of yourself.

Start thinking of all the things you want and desire whole-heartedly and are avoiding for many years or months.  Write them down and create a goal, a call of action on the top three that would bring you most joy and happiness.

When I started to write what I wanted whole heartedly in my life, I started breaking my imaginary walls with action plans.  It was not easy taking action.  Some of them were extremely painful to carry through like getting a divorce.  Some took loads of faith like starting my own business.  And the race upgrade to a full Ironman took trust in my mind and body.  

You mother fucker, are enough.  So stop being a pussy and go make shit happen!

And remember comfort zone is for pussies!

Esther Collinetti