The million-dollar question everybody is asking, “why did you leave REV” which then follows with, “what’s next”?

It is no secret; I am in my biggest transition period of my life.  I took the boldest leap yet by selling my half of a very successful and thriving business that I started 6 years ago.  And here I am today, starting once again from scratch an evolved version of my original dream.

There is a lot of trust between my ego and the timing of my life. 

This is a humongous opportunity for growth for me.  A transformation.  I feel extremely fortunate to experience this in my life.  I am 100% out of my comfort zone and I fucking love it!  It is exactly where I need to be to pursue the next vision of my higher purpose.

With all big life changes, I am being kind, loving and humble to myself.  Giving myself ample space to grieve the loss of selling my business, my baby… my dream.  For example, in the first 30 days post selling REV, my intention when waking up was simple:  purge. 

I would spend each morning writing in my journal exactly how I felt and what my inner dialogue was whispering to me.  It was ugly.  It was messy.  It was hard.  It sucked.  I cried.  But I kept on purging each morning and eventually the self doubt whisper was silenced by the roaring of my passion on why I said NO to REV in order to say Hell YES to Esther.

In those 30 days of purging I also burned sage to cleanse my home.  I wrote an endearing letter to REV (My Dearest beloved REV…..) and I said good bye to my title, ”co-owner of REV Cycle Studio” by burned my left over business cards.  This was important for me in order to truly let go, surrender and inhale my freedom that I had fought so hard to regain.

This brings us to the million-dollar question, “why did you sell REV”? 

From the outside, I am sure this looked and felt like an abrupt decision and it has been humorous listening to the gossip on what people think, why I left REV.

Here is the truth.

My decision was prompted after I fully grasped that the business partnership had come to a roadblock.  For those that know me well, my strongest suit is PERSEVERANCE and PERSPECTIVE.  So believe me when I say this, we tried to resolve our differences in order for the both of us to stay co-owners of our business.

Our first major roadblock happened when opening our second studio in February 2017.  I realized something very important in my life at that very moment.  I fully understood the concept that less is more.  For the first time I was satisfied with the success of the business and was ready to explore my own personal brand outside of REV.  This of course scared my business partner, as his mission and vision was to continue opening more REV studios in the county. 

The rest of 2017, we held each other back.  Resentment, anger, frustration, and tension escalated.  Early in 2018 my business partner shared he wanted out of the business. 

At first this news scared the shit out of me.  You see my business partner is 100% in charge of the finances, operations, payroll, and landlords, while I was 100% in charge of the brand, instructors/training, clients experience, community, and face of REV.  We made a strong team as we complimented each other’s weakness and strengths and now I had to figure out the operations side of the business.  I had to conquer my own fear of sole owner and find a silent partner in order to remove his name from bank loans and leases.  At the same time, I also became extremely excited for this new possibility. 

Holly fuck!  It was fucking perfect!  Talk about dream come true!  It felt right.  My heart was roaring loud. 

Mid year in 2018 as we progressed through bank loans and leases to remove his name, my business partner came back informing me of his change of heart, that he wanting back into the business.  What happened in those 6 months of him exploring outside of REV, is not my story to share.  For me, my truth is that it was to late to go back into the same partnership, as my ship had already sailed from the port as solo owner.

What we both wanted for REV’s future was no longer the same and we were back to the first roadblock we encountered in 2017.      

During this time we explored splitting the business since we had two studios and we even explored the possibility for him to open studios in the county without me while keeping me 50 for city studios and a smaller share for county studios. Things got disorganized, confusing, toxic, and muddled within our partnership and management.  My biggest pain was the feeling of my wings being clipped, my freedom taken away, and felt pushed to open more studios as by now he had started talking to a few of our instructors of his vision and why this was the only way to bring more revenue. It totally at this point felt like when couples decide to have kids in order to save their relationship. It just clarified even more for me that I needed to get out of this partnership.

More is less was my mantra and there were signs everywhere of wings, freedom, angels, telling me there is more to life than REV. There are more dreams outside of REV.

Early in January of 2019 before our 5-year anniversary party for REV, I had a planned a family vacation in Vietnam and Cambodia.  It was perfect timing to get away from REV and have a moment of truth with myself.  It is here where I explored the idea of an expanded dream.  That my dream with REV did not expire it had simply evolved. 

I am always going to be a dreamer, a creator, and a visionary and REV taught me so many valuable lessons for me to not repeat.  My wings were ready to take off.  I had zero regrets and immense love and pride for what we had achieved in only 5 years.  When I made my final decision to sell my business coming back from vacation, I felt empowered in the world that I am in right now, and committed like never before to my higher purpose. It was the right time and I trusted the timing of my life.  

Which then brings us to the follow up question, “what is next”?

I am a crusader of connections. My purpose in life is to inspire and empower others in this world through my stories for you to do the same, to live the life that you love and not the life that someone else wants you to live or living by people pleasing.

I stand for myself and truly honor my heart on what do I want.  There are infinite possibilities once the wave of relief washes over you.

I am working extremely hard and diligently at the moment to set actions/goals to live my bigger vision by curating soulful fitness retreats, offer goal-setting workshops, give talks whenever the opportunity arises from whom ever asks, be an international consultant for startup fitness studios, AND write a book to expand the reach on who I am inspiring. 

This expanded dream is also allowing me the possibility to explore moving back home. For those that are close to me, know my heart is Latina and my roots are European. I am the only one from my family living here in the USA and eventually I will be headed home. This has always being part of my bigger home dream. And I am only guessing, your next question is, “where is home?”. That will be for a different blog my badass tribe!

What are you ready to say NO in order to say Hell YES too?

Esther Collinetti