Oh my god, I don’t have 45 days to recover!!

For many of us, recovery is the hardest thing to do and respect. We jump right back into our routine for fear of losing our fitness level or having to train for another race.

With Los Cabos IM, everything was new to me. This was my first long course triathlon and I wanted to be my own coach. I created my own nutrition plan, training schedule, and for the first time, I set a strict rest day for each week. One thing that I forget to research was recovery post IM.

The day after my race, I looked at my husband and asked, do you think 1 week off is enough? He said google it as I think you need more. So I did and all I said was fuck. For every hour of a triathlon race you add 3 to 5 days recovery. For me that meant 43 to 70 days off; Fuuuck! I don’t have that luxury to not workout. My career is fitness and in 6 days post IM I was back in Baltimore resuming my full cycle class schedule.

So I did what I new best, create my own 45-Day recovery plan that would fit my lifestyle. I started teaching off the bike and slowly adding minutes to teaching on the bike. For the first 2 weeks, I had zero power in my legs. I felt so lost and weak. I was so prepared for race day and yet I was not prepared for what came after. I learned to find strength in my weakness and to enjoy this new challenge of recovery. I slowly added once a week 1-hour yoga and recently added 1 mile easy swim each week.

Next week I hit the end of EC 45-Day Recovery Plan. I am beyond eager to laze my Hokas and go out for my first run since Los Cabos IM. Until then I will enjoy this downtime and keep eating my combos with my glass half full of wine.

Esther Collinetti