The Calm Before the Storm

Calm before the storm is exactly how I feel before delivering my signature 3-hour Goal Coaching Workshop.

In 3-hours there are a lot of storms and fires that get ignited and created. There are tears, laughter, celebration, fear, joy, intensity, confusion, love, and wow moments. I enter the room knowing that I am among souls that are whiling to take that leap of faith. Maybe some are ready and others need permission.

I enter only assuming that maybe a few feel stuck at work or in their relationship? Other may not know what they really want and are in need of clarity in order to move forward. Others are simply overwhelmed with life and need life balance. Others know exactly what they want, and yet they simply don’t know how to start. But one thing I don't assume anymore is that we all share this deep fears of not good enough. In order to live the life you love, we all need to face our biggest fear and what holds us back the most.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to Goal Bomb 30 beautiful souls at Yogavibez in Edgewater. It's my legacy to help others find the courage to live an extraordinary life.

#YOUunleashed #IamtheStorm

Esther Collinetti