I am fully aware that my choices of words in a spin class are not for everybody. I know I would be equally as inspiring and motivating without the use of profanity. I have done that in the past when teaching in big box gyms in order to keep my job and not be placed in probation or fired. Yet when teaching clean, I don’t get the same outcome from my clients as I hold back on truly being my own authentic self. When I coach I use profanity in order to remove the bullshit and get my clients to push past their comfort zone. I have found my coaching style to be transferable beyond the bike such as when a client is facing pressure in an athletic race or in a demanding life situation at work or personal they can tap into my authentic EC motivation. I am a person that believe’s whole-heartedly in the power of self expression, love, courage, integrity, honesty and community. Between a few motherfuckers in 45-minutes there is a lot of self-loving. Find the courage to step out of your own comfort zone as only there do we grow.

2017 how do you want to be unleashed?


Esther Collinetti