The hardest part is showing up

If you are having troubles following through with your fitness goals either coming back from holiday pause or starting from scratch, here are a few tips to help you show up:

1) Be honest and realistic with your fitness goals. If you are just getting started do not make fitness an item in your to do list instead have fun with it and start with 20 minutes and build slowly.

2) Plan ahead to avoid making excuses. Prepare your gym bag the night before for either your AM or PM workout.

3) Post your fitness schedule on the fridge or mirror. Be consistant with the routine and create a ritual.

4) Engage a friend to join you to stay accountable and to make it more fun.

5) Fitness is a wellness journey for your mind, body, soul and less about losing weight. If your focus is losing weight, chances are you are going to give up on your fitness goals. Make small behavior changes with your overall health in order to stick with your new year resolutions.

My #1 thing I tell my students, do it for yourself and not for others and #2 get out of your comfort zone.


Esther Collinetti