I started a gratitude journal a few days before the New Year.

At first, I found it extremely easy to write 3 things that I was grateful for since I had family in town, it was the holidays, and I took 10 magical days off in Arizona. Now that I am back to the daily grind and my family is leaving one by one, my gratitude journal has become simpler and yet incredibly fulfilling. I find myself smiling each night at what I am grateful for. If I teach a spin class, my tribe is always mentioned. If I pamper myself, that totally gets written up. If I had a goal coaching event, that def gets mentioned with details of how each person in the room impacted my life. Food has become a big item in my gratitude journal as well and I am learning how much I adore a good healthy cooked meal from scratch and eating out in my fav restaurant. If I work from a coffee shop, I have found it brings me joy.

By writing in my gratitude journal I am learning a few things of myself and others that I took for granted. Life just feels fuller each day as I have more than enough in my life to be grateful for!

What are you grateful for today?


Esther Collinetti