Have you ever felt like you weren’t enough? 

For me this journey of not feeling good enough started in elementary school.  I was made fun off for my big nose, my messy hair, my accent and how I dressed. 

You see we moved to Chile when I was 5 years old.   I had to learn Spanish and English pretty fast, as my new school was an international school.  The good news, my school had uniforms from 1st grade through 6th grade.  FINALLY a way to fit in right?  NOPE.  My parents didn’t like the uniforms so they custom made ours each year in Italy when we would visit home.  Thanks mom and dad!  

To be honest, uniform or no uniform, I truly don’t know anybody that came out of his or her teen life unscarred.   We all share battle wounds and stories from our past, some deeper than others.  My deepest scare was seeing my father battle through depression which changed my life forever as a teen and throughout my existence.

Once we survive our teens, we move into our 20s.  In our 20s we learn to move past some of our stories.  We find closure and we learn to forgive, to let go.  We find the courage and the strength to find our own path and yet we are still extremely harsh and judgmental with our own self.   Later in our 30s we are so fucking frustrated with our lives and work.  We start realizing what keeps us from being fucking amazing and living a life we love is the lack of self-love.

That’s when you start to bring your unpretty, your messy, your failures, and your not good enough stories and you lay them out on the floor, and then kick them all to the curb because your present is the master of your story, not your past.

There is nobody out there more fucking awesome and unique then you are!  Therefore, start putting yourself first, do what makes you happy, and love yourself.  When we do what we love, we have the power to transform the universe.  

It all starts with self-love.

Esther Collinetti