I was catching up with my husband last night over dinner at one of our local favorite restaurants and we decided to indulge in dessert.  We are both training together for a couple of races and it was time to celebrate our progress.  

Picking dessert is always easy with Jimmie… he lets me pick and I am very predictable with what I order.  If there is anything on the desert menu with lemon, merengue, or crème brulee … I fall for any of the three.   

Our crème brulee arrived to our table in fine presentation.  It had two blackberries dusted with powdered sugar garnishing the beautiful torched caramel crust and we immediately grabbed our spoons and went for the kill.

With our first spoon we both noticed the soft and wiggly consistency that is not your typical crème brulee.  The flavor was beautiful and yet the crème brulee had fallen short.  It had fallen short in texture and consistency.  It missed the refined details that make you say, WOW that’s fucking good!

It made us reflect that in life, just like the crème brulee, people fall short.   We are so concerned with producing/creating, that by moving so fast into the next goal we miss out on the contributing details that make an exception brand, product, business, or person.

To achieve success in your life, you will need to be relentlessly focused, committed, and consistent in all the small and precise details.  You don’t have to be perfect.  You do have to be authentic with each and every detail.

Start today by getting organized in every aspect of your life, practice building that muscle of organization.  Organization is like yoga, the more your practice, the more you will see the benefits overflow in other areas of your life.  The minute you stop practicing, your body and mind will go backwards so no matter what stay fucking committed to the self. 

It’s all in the details baby.

Esther Collinetti