I am not training for a Summer body. Fuck. That. Shit.

I am a firm believer that Summer bodies ARE not made in the Winter… BECAUSE… listen up, there is NO such thing as a Summer body.  You have a body my dear.  A body that you care for all year round, which is about 52 weeks.

I am 43 years old and I train all year round for my dream wellness, which is to have a healthy body that makes me feel like a total fucking badass and allows me to pursue the things that I love the most.  Right now I love racing in Ironmans, hiking in the woods with my dog & friends, I love doing 100 mile bike rides to raise money for a charity close to my heart with my hubby, and I desire more than anything doing my weekly yoga practice.  My workouts change depending if I am training for a race or if I am training for my off-season.

But one thing, training never stops. Working out makes me happy and I have learned I am happiest when my body is in motion all year round.

So please do not fall and buy into any of that fucking crap that Summer bodies are made in Winter or that bikini season is coming.  If you have been in my cycle classes, you know what I think of bikini bodies.  You want a bikini body? Simple.  Buy a bikini, put it on and go to the beach. Boom. Done.  These marketing techniques used by fitness studios, gyms, personal trainers, coaches, and instructors are meant to feed into your own self-negative body shaming making you believing that you need to change your body.  That you need to be skinny or tight in order to wear a fucking bikini in order to be happy.  Let me tell you something sis and bro, when I was 16 years old I weighted under 100 pounds and was wearing a size zero.  I was fucking miserable.  Hyper Critical.  I weighted myself daily.  I counted each and every calorie that I ingested including my fucking gum.  I could tell you how many calories every item in this planet had. Oh I failed at math big time but oh boy, I was an expert at counting my calories! I had a number I set for myself to consume and I New when I reached it. I would monitor my mother’s cooking like a hawk to make sure she wouldn’t add any oils and butters into my food. My poor mother. During this time, my father had fallen into a severe depression and in order to survive my family environment, I had fallen into anorexia. I felt like if I could control this one thing in my life while everything else was collapsing around me, that I would be okay.

So when I hear and read businesses or fitness leaders exploit body image by fear in order to make a buck, it boils my blood as they know how powerful their words are and how damaging they are to the overall health of the community that they serve.

I too serve a community as I made fitness my career. I am passionate about fitness as my goal is to inspire others live their absolute best version of themselves. I am extremely careful and sensitive towards the power that we have as a business and fitness leaders. I co-own REV Cycle Studio and we pride ourselves for being a a judgment free zone where we do not feed into body shaming.  

I ask my clients in each class to GO ALL IN all year round!

All year round working/training for their dream on how they want to feel.  I ask them often what are you most proud about yourself.  What are you grateful for?  What makes you happy? Do YOU.  Be YOU.  Make yourself proud and don’t fucking wait for summer to get started, don’t wait for new years to get started, don’t you fucking dare wait for Monday to get started.

Inspiration only comes with action. Take action today cause you are a badass.

Esther Collinetti