I know how it feels like to not be enough and be on the path to figuring out who you are and what you want.  I have been on this path ALL MY LIFE and I no longer sweat on who I am.  I have found myself.  My voice.  My why.

Ever since birth, I knew I was the underdog.  I was born weak with pneumonia, and against all odds, my mother and I fought like hell to go home after a couple of months at the hospital.  Throughout my youth, growing up, I was always physically the smallest in my age group.  But what I lacked physically, I made it up with my stubbornness, competitive edge, grit, discipline and courage.

Going to college abroad, was the best thing that could have happened in my path in finding myself, and also my biggest breakdown in life.  Since I was an international student at Colorado State University with an F-1 visa, I was legally allowed to be employed in campus. I started teaching group fitness classes at the REC Center in campus and assisted the group fitness director.  I taught pretty much every day from floor aerobics, step aerobics to kick boxing.  No, no spin.  This was a couple years before spinning hit the fitness scene. 

In my last semester of college, my father killed himself and I went numb. I was broken open into millions of pieces. 

I moved to Baltimore after graduation following my boyfriend who was moving back home and I started applying for jobs within my Bachelors in Science as per my visa statues allowed, 1 year of practical experience in my academic field. I was suffering an internal battle that nobody could see but I was committed that no matter what, to continue teaching group fitness classes, as that 1--hour a day made me feel normal and somewhat alive.

My first research job was in Easton, Maryland.  My commute consisted of a 3-hrs round trip drive, leaving me with little options on when and where to teach.  I found a local YMCA in Talbot County where I lead classes at lunchtime and after work hours. This was 1999, there was not much of a fitness hotspot in Easton, not sure if there is one today either but it gave me a purpose while I collected myself back up.

Eventually I got a job closer to home working at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) in Edgewater, Maryland allowing me to dedicate more time to teaching at local gyms in Baltimore.  I also became a green card holder at that time so I started getting paid for my passion of teaching! At that time spinning had just hit Baltimore and I devoured the training offered at my gym with all my soul.  I eventually stopped teaching all forms of group fitness classes and devoted myself to only teaching indoor cycling.

Teaching on the bike podium for me was more than just being alive now… I was a person UNLEASHED and I loved watching my clients become UNLEASHED with me!  Shit got way better when I stopped running away from everything I wasn’t and started thinking about who I am and what I want.

All these mountains and valleys of my life forced me to face my fears and take a major life changing career revolution! I quit my profession as scientist and started pursuing my passion, my love, my why in fitness… FULL TIME.

I had laid the foundation of my dream for so many years while working a full time job in research and part time in fitness. Opening my own cycle studio was an epic dream come true.  Hands down one of the most amazing things I’ve ever achieved in my life.  Everyday for 5 years I got to share my passion with my tribe, both clients and staff.  Part of my why behind my business model at REV Cycle Studio was to empower and build the next generations of cycle instructors in Baltimore. 

I took great joy and pride in building the community. 

It was by far my highlight of my job and with much excitement I am now expanding my legacy outside of Baltimore by share my passion of indoor cycling with the world. 

On Sunday, September 29th, I am leading a 1-day intensive CREATING YOU Instructor Training at Core Cycle Studios.  CREATING YOU Instructor Training is meant for new and current instructors that are looking in ways to elevate and expand their voice, brand, performance and leadership to the next level in their community.  Training is broken down with a 60-min Master Class in the morning and 3 workshops aimed towards Branding & Marketing, Art of Teaching, and a Performance Workshop.

My coaching approach resembles my life.  I first break you down in order to build you back up to understand your voice, your why, and your I AM.  This is how I lead all my spin classes, my goal setting workshops, and how I have trained all the REV instructors.  I am grateful for each of my breakdowns, as they have paved the most undeniable breakthroughs.

Come and Unleash Your YOU. Together we expand on this tribe, community, and connections.

There are 10 spots left at the special early bird rate of $125 (for master class and workshop both sold separately). Master class 8-9AM and CREATING YOU Instructor Training 9:30AM -5:30PM.  

Esther Collinetti