Someone recently asked me “how do you crush every goal you set out to do?” 

I wanted to tell her … “because I am a fucking badass”, but that would be lying.  Not the part about being a badass, but the pretext that I crush every goal that I set out to conquer. 

So I told her the truth, “I don’t”.  I don’t crush 100% of my goals.  I have several goals that I keep re-writing to the next calendar year.

Take for example my goal of leading fitness retreats around the world.  I kept transferring this goal, 4 years in a row, without accomplishing it.  I am leading a fitness retreat this September in Iceland partnering up with Arrow Forward, and it is the most gratifying feeling in the world to stay accountable to my dreams and goals.  The truth, I almost gave up on this goal earlier this year.  My inner dialogue was sabotaging my dream.

I nearly had a meltdown earlier this year - my close friends and husband can confirm.  I felt overwhelmed by life.  So much to conquer in 2018 and my excuse was that I don’t have time.  I had to re-evaluate my career dream.  I had to be honest with myself.  I had to speak my truth of what I truly wanted.

“I don’t have time.  I am to busy.” is my constant excuse for not getting shit done in living an epic life that I love.   The truth is that I lack prioritizing, making choices, and being honest with my dreams.   

I have many dreams.  I constantly re-evaluate them every 6 months to make sure I am living my life with integrity.  I have dreams of my ideal career, my friendships, my races, my love life, my adventure life, my home, my family, and my body. 

I have also learned that you cannot do everything at once.  You have to make choices and everything goes back to your dreams.  Decide what you really want whole-heartedly, because the minute you say fuck yeah it’s the minute you commit to never quitting.

If you wait for next year, nothing will happen.  You transform by committing.

For the past 5 years I committed to creating REV.  I worked really hard to balance my other dreams in order not to lose connection to the things that matter the most.   During the first 2 years of REV’s existence there was little room to create other dreams.  A lot of sacrifices were made.  Then the second studio opened and it was an intense expansion all over again.  Now that things are starting to settle I am able to go back into creation mode where I thrive the most.   

That’s why it was so important for me to crush my goal this year of leading a fitness retreat.  A goal that fulfills my deepest core values and my mission in life - to inspire, elevate, and unleash my community globally.  I want to help as many people as possible to live a life unleashed by pursuing what really sets their souls on fire.

As much as I will inspire my tribe in my first fitness retreat, I know I will also expand and grow with them.  It will be gratifying to see it come to fruition, just like it was when we opened our doors to the community with REV Cycle Studio. 

When you are not a pussy, dreams come true.  When you learn to tap into your “badassness” and stop listening to your demons, you start living a life you love.  When you start losing fear of the future, you learn to live in the moment as your future excites you and you are grateful for what is to come.  You learn to say NO and prioritize your time as you have mountains to conquer.    

Leaders work on the future.  If you don’t give your word, you have limited power.  You are creating a future with the integrity of your word by creating a life you love.  All you have is right now.  Lead as if your life depends on it.  Protect your dreams - let nothing get in the way between you and your dreams!

I have many other goals that I have not yet crushed.  I know it will happen, all in the right time.  The universe has my back.  I am grateful.  I am present.  I am creating my future…a future that I love!